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Upcoming exhibitions 2024

Upcoming exhibitions in Tina Skukan Art Gallery, Pretoria, Unisa Art Gallery and White River Art Gallery (2024)

A back operation in 2024 positioned me to think about bones, and how the structure can be rethought, and playfully re-imagined. What started as an image of a humble heap of mechanics that fail us (think of anatomy books that describe the body as "The human machine" by Bridgman), the experience shifted to ponder the medical knowledge to "bolt" things together and the body's incredible ability to grow new bone and restructure the old into something new.

In the weeks preceding a back operation and the healing weeks thereafter, the skeletal structure of the body and the spine of books became a focus. The insight for my understanding is that the past is not fixed, but more malleable than what I have imagined.  I am extending the theme retaining the realm of the domestic to the laboring body as a key for research in 2024, retaining the realm of the domestic to the laboring body. In working though "recasting" the awareness that over the years, the abundant release of the stress hormone, serotonin, probably contributed to the weakening of bone (a lament), I am imagining new 'bones' and that possibilities of a mobile body will become gradually real (empowered futuring). I use mapping symbols to think about fresh winds blowing movement into matter.  Whilst rekindling my love for anatomy studies, I also see the link to the weathered spines of drawing books and textbooks which have lost their backbone over the years but retained their place on my dozen domestic bookshelves. 

Bendor, R, Eriksson, E & Pargman, D. 2021. Looking backward to the future: On past-facing approaches to futuring, in Futures 125 (2021) 102666​. Elsevier.
Bridgman, GB. 1972. The human machine. The anatomical structure and mechanism of the human body. New York: Dover publication.

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