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The JOURNEY TO FREEDOM narratives: Animations and concerts 2003-2004

  • The digital artists, consisting mainly of students and young artists (see details in credit list) scanned and documented all embroideries, then developed storyboards for the songs.  Weekly meetings occurred over five months developing animations. Of particular importance was the bridging of the realms of the hand-craft (embroidery) and the digital (new media technology). It is acknowledged that art methodologies are based on the foundations of art practices that precedes them, and so too are the inscribed techniques of digital art.  The infusion of embroidery into digital practice creates a ‘cross-pollination’ that was unique and vibrant.

  • The animations were tested in relation to the movements of the choir during practice.  17 animations were made.

  • The animations were projected above the performers during the concerts.  Celebratory concerts involving Melodia UNISA Chorale, and Gcina Mhlophe amongst others, took place on 9 & 10 July and 13 August 2004.

  • The Multimedia animations were projected on a 9-meter screen above the performers on these occasions.

  • Also see: Miller, G. 2007. Digital Projects, in The Journey to Freedom Narratives, edited by FB Anderson.  Pretoria: UNISA: 76-80.

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