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Curated by Dr Gwenneth Miller in collaboration with Project Director Dr Thelma Louw and the UNISA Science Campus Management Team.

Article: Stunning sustainable art wows Unisa

Article by Hetta Pieterse

Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice  (2023)

Marian Hester and Mbangiso Mabaso
Material: Mild steel, urethane coated steel, solar lights, Augmented Reality filters.

Format:  2,204-2,448m (h) x 3,4m (w) x 2,2m (d) Scale drawing for Summer Solstice Awning

Format: 3,1m (h) x 2,3m (w) x 1,453m (d)  Scale drawing for Winter Solstice Awning

Mthimkulu we mpilo (2023)
Lead artist: Sue Clark. Artist team: Kabelo Maja, Daniel Mosako, Jens Juterbock, Richard Clark

Material: Cleared exotic gum tree trunks, recycled steel.

Format: 3.2m (h) x 4m (w) x 4m x (d)

Kaleidoscope Alchemy (2023)

Artists: Linda Hanekom, with Gideon and Life Dlamimni

Material: Recycled windshield glass, Perspex, Aluminium, Steel, M1, Stainless Steel, bolts, nuts, OSB board and vermiculite concrete.

Format: 2m (h) x 4m (w) x 1,7m (d)

Sever (2023)

Artist: Ingrid Bolton 

Material: Copper cable, aluminum tubes and sheets 
Format: 2m (h) x 1m (w) x 3cm (d)

Emergent systems (2023)

Artist: Reinhard Sontag 

Material: Steel, bolts, recycled metal, aluminum strips and sheets 

Format: Height: Pillar 1: 0.6 m, Pillar 2: 2.5 m, Pillar 3: 1.3 m. Diameter of all 3 pillars: 0.6 m