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Die Verraaier (Stage Design). 2003

Stage design for three performances of a Passion Play at The Aula, University of Pretoria. 

Throughout the musical and choir  performance, manipulated digital images of my paintings and pastel drawings were projected onto the full backdrop creating monumental images for the stage. The point of departure was selected works from my Masters' exhibition, which dealt with the theme of the sublime.

The changes between scenes were created as animated transformations of one image into another. The images below reflect only a selection from the show. I furthermore designed the costumes, invitation and poster.
Script: Ferdie Clasen Music: composed by Louis Brittz Musical processing: Anton Esterhuyse
Production Manager: Ferdie Clasen, Executive manager and music: Bessie Keun
Orchestra: Conductor:Lizet Smith, Piano: Bessie Keun, Violin 1: Hannes Jacobs, Violin 2: Nienke Alkema, Violin 3: Saskia Ascui, Flute:Gustel Agenbag,  Clarinet: Lizet Smith, Saxophone: Sebastiaan Wessels, Guitar: Susan Alkema, Electrical guitar: Willie Kamffer, Drums: Derrick de Bruin

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