Apart/ A Part    

Group Exhibition curated by Laurette de Jager

ArtB, Bellville Art Association, Bellville, Cape Town :  11  November - 3 December 2020 

Installation overview

The five digital works which I exhibited on Apart/A Part, are images of witnessing transient life and speak of our incredible ability of finding beauty in the moment, even during profound trauma.

The knot that cannot be untangled (2020) developed from an end-of-life experience.  Moving between the edges of known and unknown, the artist explores the folds in a hospital bed sheet, and the sense of returning to a universe of energy. This work vitalises absence in the present moment, as quiet compassion. The nature of memories is enfolded into our being - in the minute complexity of our synapses. In this image luminous tubes curve as if they have a life of their own, free from the body, contemplating peaceful renunciation. This sublime aesthetic is both spiritual and real in its surrendering to lost connections in a dimly revealed world of an unpresentable interface between life and death.

Black tears and the sea recalls the idea of the abject in the presentation tears as bodily fluid in its title. This depiction  freezes all motion, and like a still from a motion picture, it captures a moment in-between and references rain, rather than tears.

In the triptych Reservoir I-III (2019 – 2020), I photographed medical bags to transform these objects through light into subliminal abstractions. Contemplating familiar hospital objects such as drips and dialysis bags, the works not only depict life-providing fluid containers, but also become agents of transformation - visually and metaphorically changing what we see and how we look at life.  The cropped images hint at the search for gradually unfolding meaning of our finite existence in a time of new technologies and the ailing body.

Art.B Gallery website: Apart / A Part  

The Abject (Page 3/3) https://www.artb.co.za/apart/apart-viewing-room-3

Apart / A Part - The Sublime (Page 2/3) https://www.artb.co.za/apart/apart-viewing-room-2

Webinar: YouTube link: https://youtu.be/-JgsqJ9KzlU 

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/-JgsqJ9KzlU 

Catalogue for Apart/A Part