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The JOURNEY TO FREEDOM narratives 2003-2008

This is a project about reconciliation, which started in 2003, with the outcomes of three concerts in Pretoria in 2004 celebrating South Africa’s decade of democracy. The concerts’ choral performances were accompanied by synchronized projections of digital animations as part of a multimedia project and involved storytelling, drawings and an exhibition of embroidered images with historical relevance in the South African context.  This was an interdisciplinary project and reflected a spirit of reaching beyond one’s limited scope. Above all the project aimed to empower people though revisiting their past in order to prosper in the present and see a constructive role for themselves in the future.  The Visual Arts component of the project not only empowered two community embroidery groups from impoverished areas in Gauteng, but also created opportunities for young staff members at UNISA and emerging animation artists. 

Further outcomes were a DVD, a publication, awards and a follow-up project, Synchronic Journey. Aspects of these projects were written up in my Doctoral thesis on Intermediality.

The four folders below contain selected images:


Folder 1 of 4: Songs, Stories, Drawings and embroideries 2003-2004

bawo fm1755 oh lord x.jpg

Folder 2 of 4: Animations and concerts 2003-2004


Folder 3 of 4: DVD, publication and awards 2005-2008


Folder 4 of 4: Synchronic Journey 2010-2011

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