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Sublime Spaces 1997

The Old Arts Building, University of Pretoria

As part of the research for a Masters in Visual Art, this exhibition focused on dimensions of exploring the aesthetic of the sublime, searching for visual equivalents to that which is beyond understanding.  The project engaged with aspects of healing and meditation, and spaces of contemplation, using natural imagery and the human form.

In her opening address Prof Elfriede Dreyer (Pretorius) noted: 

In an age of scepticism, irony and loss of belief and meaning, Gwenneth Miller's aesthetic is one that postulates restoration, hope and redemption, and in a sense affords her work a character of distinct Neo-Romanticism, Her work displays an ecofeminist sensibility underpinned by the ethos of nurture, reconciliation and catharsis. When looking at Gwen's work, a sense of the sublime is experienced that functions on a spiritual and emotional level. It is a wordless sublime that propagates unification with the timelessness and universality of nature as cosmos.

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