Calling the Spirit

Work in progress (2020-)

Artist's statement

I have been collecting small hand-held bells over many years. Some were bought at specific places that I visited with my family, and others were gifts. Each reminds me of the people, places or circumstances. 
Bells symbolize calling, beginnings, endings, summoning people to gather, thus their act of ringing always mediates knowledge of an event. For me to simply paint each bell becomes a form of contemplation, a meditation that draws my mind to a place of calm during a time of intense trauma. I lose myself in scrutinising the physical details of the bell, trying to evoke the materiality of the object through my stains and marks of ink. Since the substance of a bell adds to its resonating sound, I was struck by the thought that what we emanate also becomes evidence of the fabric (material) of our consciousness, our convictions, and our values.