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(selected exhibitions)

2 Gwenneth Miller Forest walk detail 2022 Mixed media 200mm x 280mm.jpg

Under the surface 2022  and MESH 2022
White River Art Gallery and RK Contemporary


Gills of other creatures, 2021
TAF and UNISA Art Gallery

Reading Harari 21 lessons.jpg

Enfolding . 2020

Pretoria Art Association

detail 3 Fold Anticipated Abundance 2017

Loss and its remains 2019

UNISA Art Gallery

liquid life 2.jpg

Apart/ A Part, 2020

ARTB Art Gallery, Bellville Association of Art

Residue System 2011 to 2012 crop 8.jpg

Terra Pericolosa 2012 and Terra 2015 

Fried Contemporary Art Gallery and Oliewenhuis Museum

Continuum 2011 Ultrachrome ink on Hahnem


UNISA Art Gallery

criss cross row detail Connect 2002.JPG

Millenium Art gallery

14 GMiller Third installation Earthskin

Earthskin  2000 and CROSS-CUT CRISS-CROSS 2000

Lady Grey, UNISA Art Gallery, Koen Scholtz Exhibition Centre, Millenium Art Gallery

19c GMiller Spirit of a cypris lane detail b 1997.jpg

Sublime spaces. MVA exhibition. 1997
Old Arts Building, University of Pretoria

GMiller Die Verraaier Image 13.jpg

Die Verraaier (Stage Design) 2003
The Aula, University of Pretoria

Paint tube demo 2018.jpg

Earlier works

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